We introduced you to Matt Bishop and Richard the Mule last month.  At that time their trailside coffee service, Cafe Mule, was just getting started...without the blessing of the five agencies controlling the Ridge to Rivers trail system.  But now that's all changed! 

Bishop and Richard would pop up like a caffeine oasis at various parts of the foothills, serving hikers, runners, mountain bikers and more coffee while they enjoyed their activities.  After serving 73 free cups for the day, they'd pack up their camping stove and pour over coffee supplies and head back down the mountain.  Why 73?  It was the number that Bishop said would keep him from getting in trouble with the U.S. Forest Services.  They have a limit of 75 people served for a non permitted event.  Even though Bishop was under that number, the Forest Service wasn't exactly thrilled with him.

Luckily, Cafe Mule doesn't have to worry about that anymore!  Two private land owners reached out to Bishop and offered him access to the Ridge to Rivers system via their private property allowing him to operate at the intersection of Kestrel and Red Cliffs, lower part of Sidewinder and the lower part of Three Bears near the Military Reserve.  He tells the Idaho Statesman that the property owners appreciate his vision and the people enjoying time on their land appreciate his services too!

After serving coffee for 7 straight weekends, Cafe Mule took a hiatus but with the help of its new friends, service resumes on Saturday, July 30th on Sidewinder.  You can find Bishop and Richard the Mule's smiling faces from 7:30-11 a.m. Their future locations will be posted at cafemule.com.

And btw, if the idea of hot coffee on a 100 degree day turns you off?  Cafe Mule's already a step ahead of you! They'll be serving cold brew coffee until the temps cool off later this fall.