To be honest, I didn't even know this place existed until I over heard some of the guys at the station talking about it in the halls last week.

I've heard the legend of how Willie Schrier created Finger Steaks at "The Torch" before opening the Stagecoach Inn.  And I once made the really poor, drunken decision to join a guy I was flirting with at Satin Dolls...but I'd never heard of the Kit Kat Klub before.

Well, there may be a good reason for that.  The strip club has closed it's doors and will be torn down today.

The Ada County Highway District is in the process of purchasing the land the Kit Kat Klub sits on at Franklin and Black Cat as part of their plan to widen Franklin to five lanes.

According to the Idaho Statesman ACHD initially offered $536K and the cost of relocating to the owners, but they'd like more. Negotiations continue.