Ziplines are being added to Eagle Island State Park, scooters are being given away to Treasure Valley high school students and Meghan Trainer fell (hard) off stage on the Tonight Show. 

Trending Local

  • Zip Boise has started a part-time operation at Eagle Island State Park. You’ll be able to zip starting May 22 (if things stay on schedule). It’s the same company who runs the ziplines at Tamarack Resort but they aren’t as fast. There will be six zips – some you can go by yourself and others you zip side-by-side. You’ll just be zipping several stories off the ground but for some, you’ll be crossing the park lawn and a couple of them take you over a pond.
  • Boise Bike Week kicks off tomorrow. It’s a week-long focus on celebrating fun and safe cycling. List of events posted online
  • Nitro of Maverik will be at Nampa High School today getting students pumped about the Scooter Squad. To celebrate summer, Maverik is giving away


Trending Entertainment

  • Meghan Trainor’s new albumThank You is out today – Friday the 13th. She performed on the Tonight Show and just as her song ended, she totally bit it. Like, full on falls off the stage and ends up on her back. The best part about it is how Jimmy Fallon reacted to it.
  • A list of canceled shows have been released: Nashville, The Muppets, The Grinder, Grandfathered and Castle
  • Drake will host and perform on Saturday Night Live this weekend. To show his appreciation, he treated the entire cast to a surprise dinner prepared by chef Bobby Flay. They served chicken, shrimp and dessert.



  • Dr. Luke (Kesha’s music producer) has called for Kesha’s private medical records to be released to prove that what he’s being accused of is untrue. Kesha counters that if her records that if her records are released, other rape victims’ private therapy sessions may also be disclosed. She will be performing at the Billboard Music Awards on the 22nd.