What do you get with a Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump supporter in the same room?  MESS!  Check out our inner office debate that's not just happening at 103.5 Kissfm - it's happening across the country.  Who do you agree with?
Talk smack about Republican front runner Donald Trump or the "Bern Nation" and watch for the fireworks to fly!  Would that been irony with the whole fireworks, 4th of July and choosing the next leader of our free world?  One thing is for certain - voter passion and turnout has been historic says Kevin Miller from 580 KIDO.

“The powerful personalities of Trump and Clinton have energized turnout to historic levels.  The challenge is that people need to think critically and not just take their word for it.  Let’s get past the personality propaganda  and figure out if their plans make sense.”



Take a look and see if this reminds you of anyone you know in a cubicle near you.  Watch as the 103.5 Kissfm staff take each other on including special appearances by other radio personalities.