This week is the Olympic edition of quotes and today's comes from the 25-time medal winner, Michael Phelps. I guess I should say, and counting.

I have been accused of being hyper "stars and stripes" sometimes. That's okay. It's true. I'm American and love the stars and the stripes, what can I say. I served in the United States Navy and maybe that has a little to do with it. I just get caught up in what people have gone through allowing us this freedom. I meet so many people and when I think of a 22-year-old guy I just met or the mom coming to pick up a prize that was sent home after being blown up by a bomb - I get emotional. You won't see me chanting USA down the street or big American flags streaming from my Jeep. I genuinely respect anyone willing to sacrifice their life for ours. Why can't we respect them enough or the families who hold everything together? I'm not sure if it's the country I love or the people I admire.

I was watching tonight and this dad jumped up from his seat and you could hear as I rewound it back a few times, "Yea!!!! Swish!!! That's my BOY!"

I love competition and the fact it's our own country competing against others, you have to be inspired!

Today's quote comes from 25-time medalist, Michael Phelps. Think how hard it must be to take home 25 medals, Whoa. Phelps could have upwards to 28 by the time you actually read this. That's greatness. I was always taught if you want to be successful, hang around those type of people. If you want to win in life, don't hang around people that have no aspiration to succeed. I love to study people that dig deep and find ways to defy the odds. That's why I wanted to share his quote with you. We could all use some inspiration like this.

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