The lost art in your everyday. I can't speak for everyone, but my experiences with many of my listeners confirm this quote. Please read it now! It's also super cute because of the star in the photo, my son. This is HIS quote.

Do you say the words I love you ONLY at the end of a conversation? Why do we do that? Doesn't it just feel like an afterthought? It's kind of like, "Oh I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll pray for you." I know that's extreme, but do you ever pray for them or do you just say it because it's something you're supposed to do?

That sentence was meant to get your attention, so I hope it didn't sting too hard. All I'm saying is today while you're at home, tell someone at of nowhere, "Hey! I love you." If they look at you like you've completely lost your mind, you need to do it more. #realtalk

Photo by: Paige Washburn-Kicklighter