Today's quote is about fitness and YOU. Does it matter what people think? Why do you even consider going to the gym or taking a run? Read on.

This is a quickie for Tuesday. Why do we get in shape, workout, and eat right. Why do we do on diets? I think we typically do most things for other people. Here's what I mean.

Guy workout out for girls. Period. We go to the gym, run hard, and lift hard to be looked at as attractive. Some guys would disagree, and they are right too. I'm speaking to the majority. Come on don't deny it and if you do - are you lying to yourself? Again I've said this; it's just you and me here. Let me take the first step then.

I get in shape, aspire to be fit, and dress nicely to impress. Let me back up a few. I also understand that feeling good about myself and the way I look gives me a great feeling. That's why I do it also and because of that, I hope to impress. Trust me, if we didn't care what you think, we'd look like slobs. Again, be honest. You want the compliments, you don't live for them, but it's nice, right? Today's quote is almost more than looks. Take care of you because you love yourself and want to feel good as well.

So, let's get to the quote. I ask you to remember this SOLID advice. Do you. Don't go to a gym because a guy thinks you need to. Don't get a breast augmentation because individual men ask you to. Do things because of YOU. When you make yourself happy, it shows. Let me tell you something. There is nothing more attractive than a person that believes in them self. Do YOU.