You know those V8 commercials where people are smacking you in the forehead because it should've been obvious that a healthy tomato juice drink was a way better choice than that delicious chocolate shake or soda you just enjoyed?  I feel like this article from just did that to me...because I've been involved with two men that are case studies in these five signs that he's using you.  Check out the list and comment below to add to it!

1. He only comes late at night.

Now, I know sometimes men will come over after a night of bar hopping with his buddies, but if he is only making that call when he's drinking and it is late, you should know he isn't interested in anything but a sexual relationship. A man who cares about you for you will want to spend time with you in the light of day and without the lubrication of alcohol.

2. He always cancels plans with you.

You're looking forward to hanging out together, but as soon as you are supposed to see him, he sends you a text saying he has to cancel. This isn't just disappointing, it's rude! You are worth having someone show up on time and actually stick to their word! Do not make excuses for him constantly canceling; it's his cowardly way of showing you he's not interested.

3. He never takes you out in public.

Just as important as his willingness to see you in the daytime, a man you're dating should be excited about taking you out! No excuses on this one: if you two never leave the house, you need to start asking yourself why that is. It's fun to get lost in the sheets together sometimes, but you should also both enjoy a walk in the park or a dinner at a restaurant.

4. He tells you everything you want to hear, but doesn't show you the things he says.

Actions speak louder than words, so if he's just filling you up with charming and charismatic words, without proving what he says is true, it's time to move on.

5. He is standoffish.

He knows everything about you, but your knowledge of him is limited. Relationships are for learning about each other and seeing if you two are compatible. If he tells you very little about himself, he's either hiding something or he just doesn't want you to know him. Maybe he doesn't think you're compatible for the long-term, or just doesn't want to put in the effort because he knows he's going to move on before you gets too comfortable.

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6. He's texting someone else when you're hanging out.

Sure, you'd like to believe he's asking his boys what time they're meeting up to play basketball tomorrow or what the score of the Seahawks game was...but the truth is he was probably fishing for other girls to come over.  You were the one that bit and came over so he's trying keep those other fishes from swimming over to his place. But don't think he's blowing them off for good, he knows how to keep them at a fin's length.