This quote is coming mainly from myself to every SINGLE person that's reading. I could give this dual props and lets couples use it too. Happy frigging Valentine's Day!

Photograph by Kekeluv

Let's drop this quote for everyone to call attention that it doesn't matter whether you're in a relationship or single on Valentine's Day, are you happy?

We get so caught up in "status" don't we? Think back to when you were SO EXCITED to go change that Facebook status from "single" to "in a relationship." Let's take that a step further and what was more exciting, "in a relationship" or changing it back to "single"? Lol! What's wrong with us? We want to brag right and hope that we can now shove that new guy right down the social throat down your ex's feed!

"Take that...Facebook...FEED! See Jacob! I'M HAPPY! LOOK! IT SAY'S IT RIGHT HERE! SMILEY FACE STATUS! I'M FEELING HAPPY AND WAIT FOR IT...I'M IN A RELATIONSHIP NOW!" - The obvious desperate for vindication girl that is still stuck on her ex.

I could say I don't know why we do these things, but I totally understand because we've all been there. Let's skip the how great and loving you are. Let's pass by the "You're so beautiful girl...he doesn't deserve you!" Here that one out with a great breathy read.

Look. Real talk. What we should be saying don't embarrass yourself already. That dude who just broke your heart doesn't are about you or it wouldn't happen in the first place. Don't call him back so he can come get that hat he left at your place because you don't want ANYTHING of his! Come on now; we know what that REALLY means.

Let's designate this at Rule #1 in the Kekeluv 101 Handbook. This applies to singles and couples. It's on you to pay close attention and retain this message. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you probably won't get it. No disrespect. Let's be honest, though! None of us (including myself) ever listens to someone the first few times. This a good starting point, though. Just bookmark it and come back to it one night.

You have to love yourself before you can be in love with someone else happy. - Kekeluv

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