They've been following Mr. Right and have been anxiously anticipating who Mr. Right will be because he could be getting down on one knee asking for her hand in marriage. We need to narrow it down to 25 and you are the one to make that choice. 


Mr. Right has made it through three rounds of judging (to put it lightly). We hosted an event at Simmons Fine Jewelry where they were invited to join, we put the top guys up to a vote where you narrowed the potential Mr. Right's down to a select few and the panel took your votes and have chosen the final two. We will be asking some final questions to the guys so a final decision can be made. We're not messing around. If Mr. Right is going to be found, together we can find him.


Based on your submissions, it's looking like a lot of you are searching for Mr. Right. Out of all the submissions, we chose those who were local, had all their information filled out and was actually looking for Mr. Right. This is what it came down to.


We need to narrow the list down to 25. Vote on your favorite as many times as you'd like in order to be sure your bachelorette moves on to the next round. If you have FOMO right now and want in on this (girls), just email me


You have just this week to make your vote.


*click on a photo that isn't showing up clearly to see the full view.