After last night's presidential debate, you're probably more motivated to vote. Whether you are a Trump fan, side with Hillary or wished you could have seen Gary Johnson and Jill Stein included in the debate, you'll need to have a say. Register to vote!

Today's Voter Registration Day. You can register to vote and have your voice heard in this upcoming election. We can all complain on Facebook but are we putting our votes where our mouths are? It's time.

You may register online at You will have to submit paperwork but this part is simple, at least.

In Idaho, you can register to vote on election day (how amazing is this state?) If you are a student, you can register and/or vote from the place where you go to school.

Here are the Rock the Vote in Idaho details.


Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images


Did you also know that you can register to vote on Snapchat? Click through to the Discovery page and find TurboVote in the discovery options.