We are getting closer and closer to having a new (big) stadium where the Boise Hawks will play. What do you want to do before and after a game? Go out with friends. The problem: There isn't a place to go around there. Calling all sugar daddies, I have an idea. Let's open a sports bar. Yes, I'm serious. 

Let's put ourselves in the moment. It's summertime in Boise. The trees are full of leaves, the grass is green, the sun is shining and the temps are high. We are wearing shorts and flip flops and we're headed to a baseball game. It's too early to find our seat in the new 5,000 seat stadium so we plan to meet friends for an ice cold drink and maybe some appetizers before the game.

Where do we go?

The proposed stadium is planned for Americana Blvd and Shoreline Drive. Right here, to be exact.

Americana Blvd and Shoreline via Google Earth


I was looking around where the stadium will be wondering where I would meet friends. There isn't any place. At one time there was a restaurant called The Pantry but it has since closed.

The Pantry via Google Earth

The Pantry is gone but the structure isn't. Perhaps this could be a good location for us? This is where the sugar daddies come in (or investors). I'm looking for someone to fund the project of opening a sports bar near the new stadium where we could be one of the only options for ticket-holders.

We could have local beer and cider on tap. We could serve appetizers that are just a step up from the typical nachos, wings and tots (but close enough so people can count on their favorites). We would need some sort of twist or theme but we can get there once we know it's a thing.

I've presented the opportunity now it's time to find someone to make it all happen.

Oh, and I'd probably need someone with restaurant and bar experience to help manage. I have zero.

Now that I've added nothing to the table other than being observant, who is in?