It's probably the grossest thing imaginable. Creepy crawly bugs getting all up in your sheets while you try to slumber.

If you want to keep bed bugs out of your bedstead, there's certain colors you should avoid.

A recent study pitted bed bugs against different colored paper tents, and recorded which colors the bugs tended to gravitate towards. While there wasn't any one color that attracted all the bugs, two colors received more bed bug visits than the rest: Black and red.

The colors the bugs were least responsive to? Green yellow and white. Which all sound like hideous decor if you ask me, so good luck matching those up.

The scientists behind the study said that while changing the color of your bedding and sheets could possible help avoid the little suckers, it won't make your home immune to bed bugs. So, maybe you should reconsider eating that entire tub of cheese balls in bed while you watch Forensic Files.

Just a thought.