Our Lennox was able to come home over the Memorial Day Weekend and that was an amazing feeling for all of us. Lennox’s mother, my fiancé and just an amazing woman, spent 24 hours a day for two weeks in that hospital with our son. She decided to take a few hours with her sister for some great sushi and sister time and that gave Lennox and I some great father/son time.

I was able to see him eat his first CHOBANI GREEK YOGURT as he strolled down the sidewalk like he was the boss. We took his LITTLE TYKES CZY COUP for a spin as he chirped out BEEP BEEP. Then, to the movies! We went inside and sat in front of our little friends, MINIONS! You can go to any movie and get a pretty good 15 minutes before the distractions begin, but he LOVES the intro. Imagine watching that, outdoors and on the BIG screen.

Friday night in Meridian is Free Movie Night Out at Settler’s Park right behind the Village in Meridian. Cable One brings out a huge inflatable screen every Friday night in June, July and August. The kick-off movie this year is Inside Out, an animated movie that's great for families of all ages and stars Saturday Night Live’s Amy Poehler and Bill Hader. The best part is that all movies are FREE. They even have concessions and a playground for friends and family. So, bring the whole family, blankets and pillows for Free Movie Night Out.

Where: 3245 N Meridian Rd & Ustick, Meridian, ID 83646

When: Friday night, June 3rd

Time: Dusk

Price: FREE!