Wedding speeches can go all right or horribly wrong. This weekend, Kekeluv was at a perfect wedding but then a groomsman got up to say a speech and he was the epitome of things gone wrong. He even had a "drop the mic" moment - literally. 

While we don't recommend dropping the mic the DJ probably paid around $1,000 for, it could work in a certain situation.

Let's be real: Standing up in front of close friends and family (or that of a longtime friend) can be extremely stressful. You either grab a few drinks and can't track one thought to the next or you do it completely sober and trip over your words.

Inspired by a semi-tragic speech situation Kekeluv witnessed this weekend, we feel it's right to pass along advice on what NOT to do during a wedding speech. Feel free to add your stories and advice so we can add to this list.

*note: not all of these things happened during the speech, we just wanted to make sure you knew what was up before going to your next wedding.

Let's start with 10 Things NOT to say during a wedding toast:

  1. Don't mention that you don't like the bride or groom. Keep that tucked away in your mind. If you just have to get it out, say it way before the wedding.
  2. Is the bride secretly pregnant? Don't breathe a word. It's a SECRET!
  3. The past should be left in the past. Failed relationships don't have a place during the toast. Now, if you want to bring them up at the bachelor/bachelorette party, it's fair game.
  4. Along the same lines, joking that an ex would have been a better choice is not a good choice. Just sayin. Even if you DO feel that way.
  5. It's crazy you're at your friend's wedding, right? I mean, you thought they would be single forever! If you nodded or said "yes" out loud, keep that tucked away like you would about not liking one of them.
  6. Don't you dare mention that you've hooked up with the bride or groom. If that comes out of your mouth, you're not doing anyone any favors (at the wedding, at least). You'll look like the idiot in this case.
  7. Families are weird. Like, so weird. We can't control our families. Don't mention how weird the bride or groom's families are. Chances are, we've already noticed from the second we arrived at the wedding.
  8. If "Remember when..." comes out of your mouth during a speech or toast, change your pace quickly! That never ends positively. Although, we will want to know what story you were going to tell about an hour into the reception - just not on mic.
  9. Whether or not you believe it, don't add your two cents about the couple making a mistake getting married - for whatever reason. You could be totally right but at that moment, they are not going to hear your side of things.
  10. The number one rule of Wedding Speech Club (okay, number 10 - the final rule) is you do not talk about...the bachelor or bachelorette party. Those stories will go with you to the grave.

Did we  miss anything?