Today's quote comes from a man that changed the way we live. This brilliant mind is the reason for almost everything we know about this generation's tech mind - Steve Jobs.

I gravitate towards creative minds and beyond the box thinking. I would of loved to spend time just talking to Steve Jobs from Apple. A boss once challenged me to do things never done in radio. He would say come up with a promotion or idea that doesn't exist. Imagine that. He went on to say you can't because it's never been done. Go think. Drive yourself beyond what you already know. Feed your brain.

I've always taken that stuff to heart and try to expand those thoughts to my own peeps. Some get it and some miss it. in the end, you have to WANT to do it and figure it out. It will NEVER happen if you don't LOVE it. Today's quote should be a sign to someone that needs a push, nudge or motivation to DO.

If today were the last day of your life, would you do what your about to do today? - Steve Jobs