This stupid dress is tearing families and relationships apart! It went viral across every social network known to man last night...the question is, what color is it really?

White and gold?  Black and blue?  Honestly, I've seen it both ways.  Hell, I've watched the same picture change from white and gold to black and blue right in front of my face (and no, it wasn't an animated GIF!)  90% of the time I 've looked at it I've seen black and blue.  My man insisted it was white and gold when we were talking about it this morning.

There's several theories about why you may be seeing one or the other.  One theory claims that you perceive colors differently if you're experiencing a negative life event. Another theory says the picture was taken in poor lighting so it's making your eyes play tricks on you.

What say you?  Team #whiteandgold or Team #blackandblue?