I put in a claim as part of a class action lawsuit next year and completely forgot about it until this showed up in my mail last week.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Last October, I saw something about a lawsuit someone brought against Red Bull for false advertising.  As a result anyone who drank Red Bull between January 2002 and October 2014 was entitled to a small cash payout or a free 4-pack of Red Bull.  You didn't need a receipt to file a claim so I figured why the heck not?  I like Red Bull.  I drink a lot of it during Live for 175 every year so I filed a claim requesting the free product to see what would happen.

...and then I forgot about it totally.  That was until last week when a package showed up at my apartment.  I scratched my head wondering what could be in the box that was from a "claim fulfillment" address.  I wasn't expecting anything but I opened the box to four free cans of Red Bull!

Thank you Red Bull! Sorry that this lawsuit was probably a pain in the arse for you, but I'm stoked about my free energy drinks.

I asked a few friends if they've ever participated in something like this and a friend received a personal video apology from a Canadian tampon manufacturer and the remaining supply of their product after she expressed how disappointed she was that they discontinued the only line of tampons she wasn't allergic to.

Another friend found a fly in her Hershey's Cookies N Cream bar and said she was planning to sue.  However, she was a kid so she requested a settlement in product instead of cash.  Hershey's sent her a full crate of Cookies N Cream bars.

Have you participated in a class action lawsuit or gotten something free from complaining before?