Clearly this is the most exciting Domino's delivery in history.  A man ordered a pizza and wings, but got a huge surprise when he opened his food!

According to CNBC, Mike Vegas gave into his late night munchies and ordered a pizza and wings from his local Dominos.  By the time his ordered arrived he wasn't so hungry anymore so he had one slice of pizza and put the rest of the food in the fridge.

Not long after he noticed that he had a ton of missed calls and text messages.  Turns out his delivery boy had accidentally given him a wing box that contained $1300 instead of fried chicken goodness.  He was on his way to the bank after his final delivery and had stashed the money in a box for safe keeping.  When Vegas opened the box he found the money.

Naturally he did what everyone in this situation would do (sarcasm), post about in on Facebook and ask what he should do with the money.  Despite the fact many told him to keep it, he decided to return the money to the delivery boy.  As a thank you, the store's manager is thanking Vegas with a year's worth of free pizza.