Dan Kennedy is better probably a better person than the staff at 103.5 KISS FM! He actually returned a bag of cash that he saw fall off of an armored truck! What would you have done with the money inside?

Kennedy was getting off an exit ramp in Salt Lake City when the bag fell out of the truck.  He got out of his car to move it so it didn't become a traffic hazard. When he realized the bag was a bag of $50 and $100 bills his automatic reaction was to call the police and return the money.  They estimated about $22,000 was inside!

What would you have done with the money?

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    "If I didn't have to give it back, I'd take split the $22,000 into $100 dollar bills and just go give it out to people!"

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    Michelle Heart

    "Use it for a down payment on a big freakin' house in the foothills."

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    Tawsha Box

    "Use it for lipo and new boobs...or a car!"