It's highly likely that you know your Zodiac sign based on when you were born.

But do you know your Idaho Zodiac sign? These signs have been determined using numerous scientific and mathematic formulas. Really complicated stuff here.

As in, we made them up.

  • Aquarius

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: The Potato

    January 20th - February 18

    As a potato, you sit high atop the nightshade family. There would be no starch-based delicacies without your strength and resilience, and Idaho would have to find a new nickname besides "The Potato State." You earn much respect from your peers for looking toward the sky, but always sticking to your roots.

  • Pisces

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: Tater Tots

    February 19 – March 20

    Small but mighty, the tater tot is adored by all. Even though from time to time you can be a little salty, you're constantly on the go. Just be sure to stay away from ketchup, it can damper how enjoyable you can be all on your own.

  • Aries

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: Baked Potato

    March 21 – April 19

    Power. Courage. Bacon. As the baked potato, you are the envy of your entire social circle. They come to you in times of need, and in times of hunger. The baked potato never disappoints. Because bacon.

  • Taurus

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: Mashed Potatoes

    April 20 – May 20

    Getting along with everyone is your greatest feat as mashed potatoes. You're easily identifiable, hearty, and can take a beating. Also, chives are your best friend.

  • Gemini

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: Chili Cheese Fries

    May 21 – June 20

    Ain't no party like a chili cheese fries party 'cuz the chili cheese fries party don't stop. You live life on the spicy side, aren't afraid to team up with friends, and you always leave your mark wherever you go. You're proud of the messes you've made, and the messes you will make in the future.

  • Cancer

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: Hash Browns

    June 21 – July 22

    You aren't afraid to mix things up. Hash browns are easy going, easy to get along with, and plays extremely well with others. You're also one of the few signs that is pleasurable whether hot or cold. That's saying something.

  • Leo

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: Potato Chips

    July 23 – August 22

    Potato chips thrive in group settings. You can be a little loud, but that's part of your charm. You're rarely spotted alone, yet you're great at hiding in the couch cushions for weeks at a time.

  • Virgo

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: French Fries

    August 23 – September 22

    An American classic, that's what you are. Adored from coast to coast, French Fries are always in style. With or without assistance from sauce, you stay tasty no matter the situation.

  • Libra

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: Waffle Fries

    September 23 – October 22

    It's a well known fact that you don't cross a waffle fry. They're known to command a lot of space, and are always one up on their plain fry cousins. Ironically, most waffle fries actually don't enjoy eating waffles.

  • Scorpio

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: Potato Skins

    October 23 – November 21

    Some will try to corner you as an appetizer, but you know better. You're a potato skin. A must-have at every Super Bowl party, you're the sporting type. Never one to back down from a physical challenge, the potato skin is mightier than it looks.

  • Sagittarius

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: Curly Fries

    November 22 – December 21

    You're the comic relief of your group. While the curly fry means business, you can always be relied on to bring some fun to any social setting. You'll never have a dull night if curly fries are along for the ride.

  • Capricorn

    Idaho Zodiac Sign: Avacado

    December 22 – January 19

    You're an avacado. What, were you gratin potatoes? You're a loner, a rebel, and you always cost a little extra. And we're ok with that. Avacado, you're so worth it.