Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, enabling location services and tagging all your friends. At what point are we oversharing and making it possible to find us anywhere and everywhere we are? This might be a questions for Kim and Kanye, as well. 

Sunday night, we heard breaking news of a robbery at Kim Kardashian's Paris apartment while she was bound and gagged with handcuffs and tape. Seeing how Kanye left the stage mid-show to tend to a "family emergency", we all knew it was something serious. He loves the limelight and wouldn't sacrifice that time if he didn't have to.

I mean that with sincerity and coming from a place of truth. Not judgement.

The thing is: If we were all paying attention, we could have told you exactly where Kim Kardashian was staying, what was on her list of things to do for today and little details that we probably shouldn't know about her. It's all on social media.

This happened to a celebrity couple with millions of dollars worth of jewelry just lying around but what's to say that something like this couldn't happen to us? At any one point, people can find us.

How much is too much? This is a real question. Is it making sure not to share photos of the front of our house? Is it not sharing photos of the inside of our houses? Is it not "checking in" to where we're having dinner with the girls or family? Where do we set the limits of sharing our lives with our loved ones on social media and leaving ourselves, homes, and families vulnerable to the unthinkable?