While he's not paying rent and still has his own place if I need a night to myself, my boyfriend and I are essentially living together.  I love him to death for pitching in around the house, but something he did last night just baffles me...

We work completely opposite schedules.  I get up at the booty crack of dawn to come into work, while he works in the afternoons.  He'll get home about 7 o'clock and we get about 3 hours to spend with each other until I have to go to sleep.  Since he's more of a night owl, he'll do some chores around the house like helping out with laundry.  I love him for that because I HATE doing laundry (that's part of why I have so many clothes), but this morning I was just dumbfounded after I got out of the shower.

I couldn't find any pants or strapless bras!  I'm looking at the clock going "I don't have time for this this morning!" as I search high and low for something I can wear.  (I didn't feel like shaving this morning so of course, all I could find were shorts.) Turns out he washed them all while I was asleep and they're hanging up soaking wet several places around my apartment.  Bless his heart.  He meant well, but my clothes scavenger hunt made me run so behind today!

Welcome to one of the first awkward thing that's happened to me since he essentially "moved in."  I'm sure we're going to run into MORE of these in the future!

Ladies, what does your live in significant other do around the house that just makes you shake your head?