! Researches have now identified the four types of "drunks" people become after one too many AMFs. Thanks to researches at the University of Missouri-Columbia, you can now identify as one of these types of drinkers named after iconic characters.  Which one of these fits your personality after a night downtown?


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    Ernest Hemingway

    Much like the author himself, the Hemingways are the people who's behavior doesn't change much at all when they drink.  In fact, they appear pretty much unaffected.  These are the friends you don't have to worry about dancing on speakers or getting in a fight.  About 42% of people are Hemingways.

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    Mr. Hyde

    Remember the tale of Dr. Jekyll, a rather kind, caring scientist and his alter ego Mr. Hyde?  This kind of drunk is kind of like that.  Mr. Hyde drunks get really combative and less responsible when they drink.  They're the ones most likely to get thrown out of a bar or behind bars.  About 23% of people are Mr. Hyde drunks.

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    Mary Poppins

    You wouldn't be surprised to find out that these drinkers are the ones that become totally agreeable, overly sweet and don't want to cause any trouble.  Don't treat her like it's a little obnoxious because she's going to be the one caring your high heels and lending you a shoulder as you stumble to your Uber on the way home.  About 15% of people are Mary Poppins drunks.

  • 4

    The Nutty Professor

    I have a feeling this is where I fall most of the time.  I'm rather shy and quiet until you get to know me or until I throw back a few chilly bombs!  The Nutty Professor is someone who's typically reserved while sober, but is the first one to go turn up on the dance floor after a drink or two.  20% of people are Nutty Professors.