Here at KISS FM we plan on taking Christmas pictures and we need you help on what the KISS staff should wear.

We have the idea of each of us wearing a onesie and I already pulled the trigger and ordered my onesie. I haven't worn a onesie since I was probably one year old but I think I made a pretty solid decision.

But Keke, Michelle and Tawsha don't know what they should get. So I am going to leave you some ideas and a poll and let you decide which one they should buy. I'm going to give two onesies for each of them and you decide in the poll which one they should get. The one on the left or the one on the right.




Now that you see the two side by side, pick either left or right in the poll. First line is Keke, second is Michelle and Tawsha is the third line. You can make this an awesome Christmas picture.