It's funny how things change in life. One day you wake up thinking you're in Zootopia after a late night and the next you wake up WATCHING Zootopia with your son. So, which character best describes you?

I wanted to share my Zootopia stories considering I'm a fan since my recent induction in to parenthood.

I'm a brand manager for 103.5 Kissfm and afternoon talent on the radio including the digital stuff you see me writing now. Shakira is something who calls to let us listen to her new music like, Try Everything. I went from pretty much not REALLY interested to LOVING the song because it's the lead song in Zootopia and our son LOVES IT!

There was a time about two years ago when walking passed stuffed animals it didn't mean much. Today, we're walking down an aisle when our 20-month-old Lennox say's, "NICK!!!!!" This is the fox in the movie played by one of my favorite actors, Jason Bateman.  Nick is pretty damn cool and my son LOVES him. So, walking down an aisle, NICK was on a shelf and that small animal caught his attention. It's pretty exciting actually to see his face light up. The great part of this movie is the cute messages and the most talked about, sloth scene.

The point is being a new dad has opened this extended door for me to learn about these great movies. Zootopia is just funny, silly and anyone can watch which brings me to my original question. I came across this question blog that read, "Which Zootopia Character are you?"

It's a cute 10 question blog that I thought you might enjoy. Then again, i just wanted to vent...REALLY? I'm the SLOTH????? Go see who you are by click the image below. The SLOTH??