I know this post might piss many people off, but I am prepared for this. I'm sick of roles that should be a certain ethnicity being given to white people. The Oscars have drawn criticism after an all-white slate of major nominees was announced Thursday for the second year in a row. Now some people may think this isn't an issue because its based on skill not color, but if you have seen Concussion, you can't tell me Will Smith isn't worthy of a nomination.

Now you may be new to this idea, or maybe it's an uncomfortable topic for you, but it needs to be addressed. Even as recently as last year in the movie "Aloha", white Emma Stone was cast to play a Hawaiian. The movie bombed regardless so would it have mattered if they had a cast a Hawaiian actress? Maybe they hired her for her star power, but it's just plain wrong. Even the blockbuster Exodus: Gods and Kings by Ridley Scott, which is the story of Moses set in Egypt, had an all white cast. If you don't believe Hollywood is racist, read this.

Now you may or may not know, I am a proud Hispanic. I am Guatemalan and I love my culture. I love the differences and similarities and the connections I have with people from Mexico all the way down to Argentina. I love all the intricate stories and people that have shaped our culture. Fun fact, Fidel Castro planned part of his Cuban revolution on a small farm in Guatemala. I saw the house.

So when I saw the headline "Jennifer Lawrence Will Tackle Another Crazy, True Story as Fidel Castro’s Lover [Marita Lorenz] and Would-Be Assassin", I instantly got pissed off. Again, I understand she brings star power to the film, she brings her fans to watch, she has a following. But I ask at one point do we just default to money over the race of a certain character. Is there not any qualified Latinas? We have America Ferrara, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Gina Rodriguez, Penelope Cruz, Rosario Dawson, Paz Vega, Roselyn Sanchez. You (Hollywood) are telling me none of these women are qualified for this role? It's a shame, it really is. And  it will possibly be overlooked because she is Hollywood's star child right now. But I for one refuse to watch this movie. My culture is too important. Our talented Hispanic actresses should be given roles that apply to their history, to their culture.

Now you may think I am crazy, but I honestly want your thoughts on this.