Forbes has released their list of the women in music who earn the most. Our first thought was Taylor Swift. After a little more thought, Beyonce came to mind. Wait...there's also Miranda Lambert and Lady Gaga. These women are on the list but not the top earners. WHO IS IT? 

According to Forbes, the top earning woman in music doesn't have to have a Vegas show or even be on tour right now. WHAT?

1. Katy Perry: $135 million
2. Taylor Swift: $80 million
3. Fleetwood Mac: $59.5 million
4. Lady Gaga: $59 million
5. Beyonce: $54.5 million
6. Britney Spears: $31 million
7. (tie) Jennifer Lopez: $28.5 million
7. (tie) Miranda Lambert: $28.5 million
9. Mariah Carey: $27 million
10. Rihanna: $26 million
Uh oh...the top two women aren't huge fans of each other. Do you think this puts an even bigger wedge between them?