So year 26 started off with a giant brain fart that left me without breakfast this morning, but our superstar listeners came to my rescue!  I woke up early this morning planning to make this awesome sunnyside-up egg and avocado breakfast.  Just stick the pan on low heat while I got ready and they'd be done by the time my hair and make-up was done.  I went back in the kitchen about ten minutes before I had to leave to find uncooked eggs in the pan.  What gives?  My half awake butt totally turned on the wrong burner on the stove top.  No breakfast for me.

That's what I thought until little Bella and her mom, Amanda, stopped by the station to wish me happy birthday.  Upon me telling them about my brain fart moment, they went to Whole Foods to grab me eggs and bacon for my birthday.  It was a totally generous thing to do that I wasn't expecting! This is part of the reason I say that 103.5 KISS FM has the best listeners in the Treasure Valley! Without you guys, there's really no good reason for waking up at 3:30 every morning!

Thanks Bella and Amanda!!!