I LOVE baseball. People will say it's unpopular, it's declining in favoritism to the NFL, it's not Americas past time anymore, it takes to long and people don't have patience.

Baseball is as American as it gets. Its a game that doesn't care what height you are or how much you weigh. it you have skill you play, you don't need fancy equipment all you need is a ball and a glove and a stick. It teaches patience and strategy, baseball is more a mental game than it is a physical game. Baseball has given us some of  our biggest here's in American history (Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, Cobb, Jeter, Gehrig, Berra, Robinson, Williams, Cepeda, Griffey and the list goes on and on) and it has gave us some great villians (Shoeless Joe, Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Rose, Rodriguez, Chapman and that list goes on and on). Baseball has created some of the best storylines in history and been the basis of some of the best movies ever (The Sandlot, Major League, Rookie of the Year, A League of their Own, 42, Fields of Dreams, Bad News Bears, Bull Durham)

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And thats just the beginning, There is nothing and I mean nothing like waking up, putting on your favorites teams apparel, walking into the ball park and smelling the hot dogs, and hearing the crack of bat hitting balls as batter's warm up and  peanut casings already scattered across the stadium and the fresh cut smell of grass. That feeling never changes from your first ball game to your last. Baseball has a root in the American dream and lifestyle. The thing about about baseball is it gives you hope. The hope that your team can win the World series because baseball fluctuates so much with a long season. And most importantly the hope that anybody can play. You can be 6'5" or 5'6" you can be 180 lbs. or 250 lbs. baseball is pure and not overrun with pesky rules.

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With that being said I am happy to announce that Boise State Baseball is back. Yes, I bet you didn't know that Boise State had a baseball team, but indeed they do. It one of Boise State's club sports, which means there are no scholarships and these kids put their own money into getting their own gear. They pay to play because its the one thing they enjoy and are willing to dedicate time to get them through college or the hope that maybe a scout seems them and adds them to a farm team associated to a MLB team.

Well if you want to attend any of their games which are free go to their website which is here or take a look at their schedule below and support local baseball players.