We just recently spent a few weeks in the hospital with our son for the second time in a year. It was the worst experience of our lives, period. Tragedy is everywhere and I'm realizing it more everyday. That's why you MUST watch this little girl who receives a gift that only she understands and deeply appreciates.Thanks to so many people who have continually asked about the condition of our son, Lennox. He recently had emergency surgery and is recovering nicely. I spoke to a woman on Friday who broke down in tears after winning Meghan Trainor tickets. This amazing mom just received a bad diagnosis of their son who was just rooms away from ours. Heartbreaking.

I just opened another email today regarding someone with cancer. We so take life for granted and do it everyday. I'm extremely sorry for all the times I whine and complain about things that have zero merit in the big picture. I HAVE to get better at that. I set that stage for a sweet reminder that no matter what, we're so lucky. Yes, everyone has problems, but this moment highlights something so special to someone that most of us would gawk at.

Watch Mother Courtney Fletcher Bennett give her daughter Emma an American Girl Doll. This little doll has something so unique that only Emma would appreciate it. Great feel good story in the midst of everything so bad out there today. She finally realizes about :48 seconds in.