What do Macklemore, Beyonce and Lil Wayne have that you could have if you win an invite to Summer Splash #3 invite?

Sunglasses from Proof Eyewear! The sunglasses that you saw on ABC's Shark Tank are just some of the prizes that you could win at Summer Splash Party #3 at Roaring Springs on Sunday, June 12th! I got my first pair of Proofs at our stop at their flagship store during the Treasure Valley Tour and even though I lose sunglasses like every other week, I've guarded my "Stanleys" with my life! I mean if these celebs are wearing Proofs, I must be cool now, right?!

Check out these celebs rocking the very same glasses you could win at our summer kickoff party! Click HERE for your second chance to win an invite or HERE to check out the prizes we've revealed so far!



Kelly Rowland

Lil Wayne

Waka Flocka


Neon Trees

Evander Holyfield