Who DOESN'T want free coffee? That might be the single most thing people have in common and there is a new coffee spot that just opened up. We'll introduce you and give out some free stuff that we know you'll like!

Lennox wearing a Black Rock Coffee Bar hat in Camo!

Coffee is the holy grail for waking up when it comes to some people. My wife always say's, "How can you NOT have coffee in the morning?" I can't express her facial expressions either, but you can imagine. That being said, people are very routine oriented around their favorite morning brew. No coffee equals massive havoc in the workplace. Luckily, we have something new for you.

Black Rock Coffee Bar just opened and it's absolutely amazing. I'm not getting paid to advertise this, but we did their grand opening and it was impressive. First, want some free coffee? Click HERE for a chance at free coffee as we select winners each day!

Honestly, I'm not even a coffee dude. That all changed on Friday after visiting Black Rock Coffee Bar. I would describe this as Modern Idaho and this stuff is ridiculously delicious without being too much. This is definitely a place to chill, work, meet, or relax in the morning. It's not a loud vibe at all so no worries on distractions. There was a line however and got congested pretty fast for a grand opening.

I took some pictures of the location and our son rockin' some gear. This location is on 1757 West Chinden. There is a new one being built on Broadway as we speak. I just saw a sign out front and pretty excited about that one!

Black Rock Coffee Bar has also signed on to be the first endorsement Cruise & Box in the Morning. Expect a lot of free coffee from them!