I've been here before.  Breaking off an engagement is never an easy or fun thing to do, especially when you know the uncomfortable conversation about that diamond is going to need to happen.  This couple is a perfect example of why you should be careful what you say in that conversation!

The Stir introduced us to Louis and Christa, an engaged couple that broke up after an argument over planning their pre-nup.  Yes, Louis had enough money for there to be a need for a pre-nup.  That was kind of obvious, seeing as he proposed with a giant 3-carat diamond ring valued at $53,000.  The crappy part of the break-up?  Louis did it over a text.  When Christa questioned him about breaking up via text he tried to soften the blow by telling her she got a "$53,000 parting gift ring, it's enough for a down payment on a house."

But at some point, his attitude changed and he wanted that ginormous rock back after all.  So in true fashion of this dude, he texts her again saying "Keep it up, and I will take back the ring as well.  You by law have to give it back. You're nowhere near the person I thought you were.  You don't deserve it" and then took her to court to try to get it back.

A state Supreme Court judge ruled that Christa could keep her ring.  Why?  Well, that law that Louis thought he knew so well only applies when the ring is NOT considered a gift.  Christa kept the text calling the ring a "parting gift" and presented it to the judge who ruled it's hers to keep/pawn/thrown back into the ocean, whatever.

Louis was no doubt upset and tried to make himself look better saying that the text was meant to imply sarcasm and that he was saying you get a parting gift like a game show host would.