Should women be allowed to run our country? Our listeners in the afternoon say, "NO!" You'll never guess who said it.

Well, that just happened! My 5 o'clock hour was dominated by calls about females running the country. A woman called in and said that women are too emotional to run for office. It must have been a few minutes later than one of my calls came in from a man named, James. All I can say is that call kept my phones lit for 60 minutes straight. I let an 11-year-old little lady have a last say and what I might call a drop the mic moment.

Forget about Hillary Clinton, are women too emotional to be the commander in chief? Can a lady be the next President of the United States? What say you? Send your emails to Listen Wednesday and I'm sure we'll get to more calls. I plan to post them online Wednesday at 5 p.m.