The Treasure Valley's caught World Cup Fever!  Want to sneak out of the office this morning to watch the US Men's Soccer team take on Germany at 10?  Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has written you an excuse note to get out of work to support the team!

So what does the team have to do to advance?  Obviously a win will advance the team into the knockout round that we can all understand.  If we lose to Germany today we need to keep our eyes on the Portugal-Ghana game.  If that game ends in a tie, we move on no matter what.  If we lose to Germany and there's a winner in that game it comes down to the goal difference points that I have a hard time understanding.  Basically, we'd want Portugal to beat Ghana by just a smidge and us not get blown out by Germany.

You can catch the game this morning at 10 AM On ESPN.  The Portugal-Ghana game is on at the same time on ESPN2.