New Marijuana business entrepreneurs are about to get rich!  The Obama administration has given permission to states to experiment with regulation of the drug.  Washington and Colorado are the first two states to jump in.  How do you market them?  Follow Canada.  Run THIS ad!

I work in the business of branding.  We brand our radio station, personalities and our online networks.  Branding is EVERYTHING.  It's also seems to be the annoying Buzz word in corporate America right now.  They even changed my professional title from Program Director to Brand Manager.  That's okay because we've been branding before it was the cool thing to say!  Branding Marijuana though?  How do you  brand that?

It's like any other business.  Branding is so important. - Adam Orenstein, Marijuana grower.

Some say naming Marijuana is the key to marketing it while others believe it should remain illegal.  580 KIDO's Morning Man, Kevin Miller, takes it a step further.

It's despicable, decadent and promotes an illegal activity.  I would advocate corporal punishment for all dope smokers and I'm serious.


It's safe to say this may be one of the most debated subjects among Americans.  580 KIDO's Sean Hannity even did a special called, "Stoned America" and refers to Marijuana as a gateway drug that opens the door for harder drugs to get legalized.  What do you think?

In 1969, only 12% of Americans believed in legalizing Weed. Today, 58% are on board.  Hate it or love it, Marijuana isn't going away.  It's just a matter of time before it's taxed and sold everywhere.  This is the first Marijuana commercial went online promoting Crop King Seeds. Video has explicit language so beware.