They call this the worst Hatchimal Unboxing EVER! I feel like we're just not getting enough credit here. These little alive animals are sold out nationwide and WE have one to unbox and giveaway. You be the judge!


Think of all the Christmas gives over time that went what we call today, Viral. The first gift kids went crazy for that comes to mind is Tickle Me Elmo. The toy brand TYCO saw it's sales skyrocket from $70 million in revenue to $350 million.

Insert this year's almost impossible to get, The Hatchimal. This is THE Christmas gift of 2016 that you might not be able to get until 2017 unless you're a 103.5 Kissfm listener in the Treasure Valley. You CAN'T play from other states or radio stations to win. This is ONLY for our direct fans right here! We have several and I'll list ways to score BIG for the holiday.

What is a Hatchimal? Plain and simple, the hottest gift of 2016. The Hatchimal is an egg that, with your care, hatches and comes to life by pecking it's way outside of the egg. No really! Check out our terrible unboxing of this Hatchimal and follow the links to win your own!

There are a few ways to win and the first is by becoming a Friends with Benefits Member. Don't worry! Most of these exclusives gifts are Kissclusive to our members and it's free! Becoming a Friends with Benefits Member opens up other drop downs on the website for just members.

Can I call in to win? Not on this one right now. We don't want to just give this away to anyone. You're going to have to earn it! How bad do you REALLY want this?

If I win one from 103.5 Kiss how long will it take to arrive? Immediately! These Hatchimals are SOLD OUT nationwide and we have them locked up in a secret place. You win, come get it!

How can I find the clues to your first Hatchimal contest? That's easy! Click HERE!