My little sister is getting married in April and I've got a gut feeling she will NOT be following this latest Bachelorette Party trend.  Would you include this person on the guest list for your last fling before the ring?

According to the New York Times, more brides are inviting their mom to their bachelorette parties.  Yup, dear old mom is tagging along to festivities whether they're happening on stage with Rocci Johnson at Humpin' Hannahs or throwing down at a VIP table at a male strip show in Vegas.  (That mom actually provided the dollar bills for her daughter and friends, FYI.)

While I'm trying to wipe the vision of my mother grinding with a male stripper from my mind, I'm wondering WHY this is now a thing?  Well the experts that they talked to say social media has blurred the lines of where being a parent ends and being a friend begins.  Basically if mom's always liking your Instagram photos she's already virtually inserted herself into your circle of friends.  It makes it more socially acceptable for mom to join in the night of penis straw antics apparently.

They also say some moms are trying to prove they're still young by living vicariously through their daughters.  The moms that fell under this umbrella admitted that they didn't get a bachelorette party when they were getting married or felt they didn't live it up enough when they were younger due to getting married or having kids young.  They're trying to reclaim part of their youth by living through their daughters.

I took my mom on a bar crawl in our hometown last Christmas and she had a blast.  Honestly, if you saw the Snapchats I posted that night, you would swear that it's me if I were 27 years older in those photos.  Mom would probably be able to keep up with us if it were my bachelorette party, but I gotta be honest  I know how I act when I drink.  I don't think Mom needs to see those things! I like her thinking I'm a perfect little angel...which I'm totally not.