I would say I'm a pretty flexible person and am open to new ideas. I mean I have gone go-kart racing down a mountain in New Zealand, I have zip-lined in the jungles of Guatemala on rickety wires, among numerous things, but what this hotel in Japan really freaks me out.

A hotel in japan is going to be mostly run by robots. A robot will check you in, give you coffee, entertain you in the lobby and control the settings in your room. Now obviously robots are not a new idea and certainly they have their place in society. In Japan they have been pushing the idea of robots for a while and how to incorporate them into the culture, but having a full robot hotel does not bode well in my mind.

Call me old school, I like human interaction. When I check in I like to know the personality of the hotel and get to know the people who work there. Now I understand this is optional and I don't have to stay at that hotel (which I most likely wouldn't) but just seeing that there is an option like that hotel. I mean the thought of a robotic dinosaur checking me in boggles my mind.  Would you stay at this hotel or not?  To read more on it click on the link above.