Win Wednesday's $1.3 Billion jackpot and you could own the luckiest team in the NFL!

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

I'll be honest, I didn't even check my Powerball tickets when they drew the numbers on Saturday night.  My boyfriend and I had gone to see Pilot Error at the Governor's Ball and then headed downtown for what turned into a few rounds of Fireball.  It wasn't til we were eating pizza later that night that I remembered that the NBC News Alert I'd gotten about the lottery at 9 PM was a bit strange.  It said "Powerball numbers drawn in record $900 million jackpot."  Sure enough, I used the google box and found out that there were no winners...and the jackpot is now at $1.3 BILLION!

Naturally, I started counting my winnings and looked at the lavish things you could afford with your winnings.  Here's some ideas: