Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

One family in the North End decided they're tired of waiting for Mother Nature to dump the white stuff on their yard and took matters into their own hands.

If you drive by the corner of Lemp and 17th at anytime this weekend, slow down and take a peek at the Morehead family home.  Other homes on the block might be showing their holiday spirit with light displays and inflatable Christmas characters but the Moreheads have taken the season to the next level by filling their yard with snow!

So how did they get it there? According to KTVB, the family owns a snow gun.  Once the temperatures dropped into the 20s at night, they were able to start running it overnight and by Friday morning had 11 inches of snow in their front yard. It's been a yearly tradition for the Moreheads for almost six years and they plan to continue it not just to put a smile on their daughter Maggie's face, but for all those in the North End who enjoy it!