When I moved to Idaho and Keke said something about a lake monster in McCall before my first 4th of July weekend here, I looked at him sideways.  Turns out the legend of Sharlie might be true!

According to local legend, Sharlie is a sea serpent similar to the Loch Ness Monster that lives in Payette Lake.  Sharlie was first sighted in 1920 when western settlers thought they saw a large log in the lake only to see it begin to move.  The 1944 signing is when Sharlie was first described as having a dinosaur like head, humps and reptile skin.  In 1946, a group of people from Nampa saw the lake monster again and said it was about 30-40 feet long and left a wake similar to a small boat.

It's been seen a handful of times in the year since, but this most recent sighting happened just a few years ago.  Do you think this is really a Sharlie sighting?  Have you had your own Sharlie sighting?