Want to treat your kiddos to a once in a lifetime experience before school?  Bring them to the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic on Wednesday, August 31st!

That's Kids' Day at the Spirit of Boise! Twenty balloons are expected to inflate at Ann Morrison Park that morning. Your little ones are invited to jump into the basket of one of those balloons to feel what a ride in a hot air balloon feels like!

Don't worry parents, these rides are what the balloon pilots call a "tethered ride." Your kids won't be floating off into the blue skies over Boise.  The balloons are tied to the ground with strong ropes to prevent them from floating away.

You'll also be able to take all the photos of your little ones posing with the balloons that you'd like to take.

The first inflation takes place at 7:15 a.m. on Wednesday, August 31st.

Want more details on the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic?  Click HERE for the complete schedule.