I just read a story earlier this week on KTVB that the number of people filing for unemployment here in Idaho has reached 100,000, up 81,000 from just a few months ago. We hit a record high for our state.

Now there's a report out that 1 in 4, or 25% of Americans have filed for unemployment benefits since the COVID-19 shutdowns. That's a huge number.

With record high amounts of people being out of work, losing businesses and jobs and struggling even as things slowly open back up, we want to make sure that you're good.

That's why we've teamed up with Albertsons to start the KISS FM Neighborhood Watch. Do you know someone that needs some help, either in your neighborhood, in your family, in your friend group, in your life? Maybe that someone who needs help is you. We want to assist.

Weekday mornings, make sure you're with Keke and myself just after 7am to nominate someone you know, or yourself, to get an Albertsons gift card.

Have someone in mind? Call us this morning at 7am!


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