There is a LOT going on in the Treasure Valley and we get it--everyone is "feeling it" a little bit more than they might be used to.  Now more then ever, families and individuals who may otherwise not ask for help are finding themselves looking for solutions. Life happens and we get that, which is why 103.5 KISS FM has teamed up with First Federal Bank to PAY YOUR BILLS!

Yes, we're KISSING your bills goodbye with First Federal Bank and now, you can submit your bills to us online and through our free 103.5 KISS FM APP!

How To Have Your Bills Paid

The steps are simple!

Want to get your bills paid? Once we have your bill submitted, we'll begin picking winners!

Be listening to 103.5 KISS FM every weekday at 7:20 a.m., 12:20, and 5:20 p.m. and if we call your name, you have 10 minutes and 35 seconds to call us and claim YOUR money! 

Don't call us back? Your bill isn't getting paid--so be ready!

The process is simple, just fill out the form below.

You can fill this form out as many times as you want, for every bill you would like to submit. Please only submit one bill per form. 


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