I just finished reading the last book in this series and I can't wait till February 10th, 2017!

Fifty Shades goddess E.L. James took to Twitter this week to let super fans know that production has begun on Fifty Shades Darker, the next movie in the series!

Not only that, she went on to confirm that two new cast members have been added to a bill that already includes Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele, Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, Kim Bassinger as Elena Lincoln/Mrs. Robinson and Bella Heathcote as Leila Williams. Fay Masterson will play Mrs. Jones, Christian's housekeeper and Robinne Lee will play Ros, Christian's right hand at Grey Enterprises.

fifty shades cast
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BTW...James also hinted that there may be a fifth Fifty Shades of Grey book coming soon with a telling photo of a tablet with two lines of text. In this fan girl's opinion, it seems like this is definitely Christian's account of the Fifty Shades Darker story!

Without a doubt, this is the movie I'm most excited to see next year because the second two books in the series were AMAZING! (Please believe me! I almost gave up after the first book but the plot twists and turns in the second were ridiculous and kept me reading for hours!)

Of course, other people might say Star Wars Episode VIII will be the most anticipated movie of 2017.  That one comes out on December 15, 2017.

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