Once in a while you come across a highly researched project and when you finally get to the results you think to yourself " Duh!! I'm no expert but I coulda told you that" MLive recently interviewed some heavy hitters and the results made me say... you guessed it... "Duh". Check out this impressive panel that gave us the less than shocking info.

Dr. Matthew Sims, Beaumont Health director of infectious disease research; Dr. Dennis Cunningham, McLaren Health Care medical director for infection prevention; Dr. Mimi Emig, retired infectious disease specialist with Spectrum Health; and Dr. Nasir Husain, Henry Ford Macomb medical director for infection prevention. Here's the top 5 list of places you're most likely to catch the coronavirus and my cliff notes version of the experts reasoning.

  • Bars – Basically if you're drinking you're not wearing a mask and the proximity to other people that may be intoxicated make this a perfect breeding ground for the "Rona".
  • Concerts and, presumably, similar large public gatherings –Can you say crowds?
  • Amusement parks – One of the experts claims amusement parks are “about the riskiest you can get” Lack of social distancing and the need to wipe every ride down after every ride are the major concerns.
  • Churches – If your singing hymns your spitting... enough said?
  • Schools – Kids and social responsibility... heck adults and social responsibility not the best combination.




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