The Idaho Republican Party Primary is just around the corner. For some candidates, Tuesday will mark over a year of nonstop campaigning. Others, who win, will now move on to the general election to face few if any prominent Democratic opposition. Some political experts have predicted that the governor's race is over.

Polling in Idaho has historically not been the most accurate compared to other states. Idaho is a big state with a small population. Idaho's political leanings could be divided into several sections. North and East Idaho would be described as culturally conservative. While the central part of the state, along with the Treasure Valley, would be described as more moderate or liberal. Yes, the Treasure Valley has the most population, but you still need voters from the entire state to win.

Once again, we're all getting battered with campaign commercials. Thankfully we only have about a week left to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. So with a week left in the governor's race, we decided to research who would be the most potent endorser to influence the Idaho race for governor?

We've looked at Conservatives who've held national office and some who are national Conservative influencers.

5 National Names That Could Influence Idaho's Race for Governor

These Conservatives have relationships to all of the Idaho Gubernatorial candidates.

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