When Disney confirmed that Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings would only be released in theaters, wild horses couldn't keep us from getting a giant tub of popcorn, soda the size of a bucket and plopping our butts down in the theater. 

However, we know that not every Marvel fan had the same level of confidence walking into a theater filled with complete strangers amid rising COVID-19 cases. Even though they miss seeing movies on the big screen, they're waiting just a little longer to resume the time honored tradition of the "family movie night."

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These homes are the perfect cure for that feeling of FOMO! With large screens, comfy theater seating and a good old fashion popcorn maker, watching a movie in one of these home theaters is just as good as catching a screening at Edwards!

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Heck, we're comfortable at the movies right now but we'd love to re-watch all 24 of the MCU releases available at home leading up to the Disney+ release of Shang-Chi on November 12! If you feel the same way, grab yourself a Powerball ticket from one of the 15 luckiest lottery retailers in the Treasure Valley. The current jackpot would more than cover the price tag of any of these six dream homes that currently on the market!

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